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Data collection and verification
The data was collected and verified by extracting comprehensive and
up-to-date information from the IVC Research Center, alongside public
databases such as Startup Nation Central and the LinkedIn Network. In
addition, a telephone and Internet survey was conducted to further authenticate the data.



Definition and Scope
The definition of an Israeli technology company includes startups and larger companies and is based on IVC’s criteria.
We identified only those companies present in the European Union
countries – ie. 27 Member States. In each country, we determined the
number of local employees employed by the Israeli companies.
The report is based on data collected before the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (“Brexit”).
For the purpose of this report and to capture the full impact of the business relations, we included the UK data.

In-depth Survey
In addition to the extensive data collected, an in-depth survey was
conducted among selected companies during January-February of
2021 to complement the quantitative findings with qualitative inputs.
In this survey, to which 89 companies participated, we focused on the
reasons that led them to operate in Europe and when it occurred; the
nature of their activity there; their growth forecasts; and the needs and
challenges facing Israeli companies in Europe. The answers provided by
the participants can indicate possible trends in the area and offer an
‘insider’ glimpse into these companies’ situation.

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The Big Picture

Here you can find two main insights

  1. Our EU ranking of countries by the number of employees. 
  2. The sum of employees in the EU employed by Israeli companies

Company Rank by Number of Employees

Here you can find the company rank according to the number of employees. You can also filter the results by country.

Country by Sector

Here you can find the different sectors of Israeli companies based in the EU. You can filter by country

Company Stage by Country

Here you can find the number of Israeli companies based in the EU by their stage of funding.

Country by number of Companies

Here you can find the number of Israeli companies based in the EU by their stage of funding.

Number of employees by sector by country

Here you can find the number of employees by sub-sector by country. You can have a full comparison between the countries .

Number of employees by sub sector by country

Here you can find the number of employees by sector by country. You can have a full comparison between the countries .

Summary and Conclusion

This report provides the first comprehensive overview of the Israeli tech companies operating in Europe. As such, it is a data based foundation portraying
the Israeli European innovation ecosystem.
This interactive map will hopefully support policy makers, investors, startups and ecosystem managers in the design of effective future collaborations. It
provides initial measurable tools and filters to help track and quantify the economic impact of Israeli companies operating in Europe.
We hope this report will enact a network of “connectors” that can help overcome language and cultural barriers to support reciprocal soft landing support.
This network can act as the first point of contact to encourage fellow innovators to set up shop in Europe.
In conclusion, we hope that this report will become the catalyst for future research and innovation activity in order to enhance the economic impact of Israel
and the EU.
We invite you to reach out to EIT Hub Israel, CQ Global or ISERD for any opportunities of partnership to help continue and enhance the business relationships
in the tech ecosystems.

The Enablers

EIT Hub Israel an outreach location of the European Institute of Innovation

The EIT is an independent body of the European Union set up in 2008 to deliver innovation across Europe. The EIT brings together leading business, education and research organisations to form dynamic cross-border partnerships

CQ Global a leading consultative search helping Israeli companies find talent

CQ Global is a leading global consultative search firm that specializes in helping Israeli companies find talent across the globe. The CQ Global company has made more than 550 successful placements in over 30 countries.


The Israel-Europe R&D Directorate is an inter-ministerial directorate promoting the participation of Israeli entities in the European Framework Programmes and in bilateral and multilateral research and innovation activities with European countries. ISERD is Israel’s National contact point for participation in the European Framework program, and its goal is to increase Israel’s scientific and industrial collaboration with the European research and innovation ecosystem. ISERD – Your Gateway to European R&I initiative!

If you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or missing data that can make this public tool even better, feel free to share it with us and make your contribution at

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